We're selling our house

Here's some hot Bakersfield Real Estate.
howardowens Aug 19, 2006

HowardOwens.com is back

I've started blogging again at HowardOwens.com.
howardowens May 06, 2006

Streets of Bakersfield

It seemed like a good night to record my own take on Streets of Bakersfield.
howardowens Apr 04, 2006

The telegraph is dead. Long live the telegraph

On Jan. 27, Western Union, the company that sent its first telegraph in 1851 and pioneered stock tickers and money transfers, announced that it is…
howardowens Feb 01, 2006
Sumo Hockeypic

Sumo Hockey

At Sunday's Condor's game.
howardowens Jan 15, 2006

Newspapers -- It's only a flesh wound

As a journalist in San Diego, I got to know a lot of the other local media types, and one of my favorites was J.D…
howardowens Dec 13, 2005
CALM Christmas Lightspic

I'm sure it's just coincidence

There's a great deal of consternation within the newspaper industry about what Google's up to. You've got Google local aimed at newspaper markets, and Google…
howardowens Nov 23, 2005

This is art

My friend Bruce sent along this link of wonderfully strange paintings.
howardowens Nov 17, 2005

Not Everybody Loves Bakersfield

I happen to think Bakersfield is a great, but some times that seems like a minority opinion. And the younger a person is, the greater…
howardowens Nov 16, 2005

Escrow closed

This house is now ours.
howardowens Nov 02, 2005
Not For Salepic

Not For Sale

It's tough owning a great classic car and having people always trying to buy it from you. Just put up a sign.
howardowens Oct 26, 2005
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I'm a new media guy. Originally from San Diego, now living in Batavia, N.Y. Publisher of The Batavian.


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